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dycha's heroics secures the win for ENCE

The Polish rifler dominated Endpoint.

ENCE took on Endpoint doing the last quarter-final at CCT North Europe Series 2. Coming in surprisingly was Endpoint who played well doing the first map on Vertigo. Suddenly the map pick from ENCE looked like a victory for Endpoint. Going into overtime, the mixed British team took the win and the 2-0 socreline away from ENCE. 20-22 was the scoreline when Endpoint shocked ENCE and the CSGO community.

ENCE saw themselves coming down 0-1 after the first map, but then a 25-year-old Polish Rifler took things into his own hands and played a stunning second and third map. Paweł "dycha" Dycha single-handedly took down an entire team from Endpoint doing the last two maps of the series. With dycha popping off like a maniac, ENCE took the second map 16-7 and the third map 16-5.

Check out this impressive stat line from Paweł "dycha" Dycha:

1.44 Rating / 76-45 K-D / 93.9 ADR / +31 +/- / 79,1% KAST.

Watch the highlights from the game right here:

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