Credit: StarLadder Igor Bezborodov

Video: The Clutch Minister strikes again at IEM Fall!

Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth is still the man you want to close out the round for your team.

Cool, calm, and collected - That's how you can round out the legendary Astralis rifler.

The 26-year-old rifler has for ages been seen as the very best clutch player in the CS:GO world, which his popular nickname of the "Clutch Minister" also proves. Xyp9x has won no more than 706 1vsX clutches in his career, and the loyal servant continues to add to the impressive number.

In a round at IEM Fall yesterday, the Astralis player used his massive experience and clever game sense to outduel Endpoint in a 1v2 clutch on Overpass.

Watch Xyp9x and his big brain move against Endpoint right here.

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