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German rifler to stand-in for Endpoint at IEM Fall

Sabit "mirbit" Coktasar has traveled to Sweden to help out the underdogs from Endpoint.

Endpoint will field the former Sprout player Sabit "mirbit" Coktasar at IEM Fall, the British-based organization has revealed on Twitter. The decision to bring in the German international comes after Endpoint yesterday announced that Mohammad "BOROS" Malhas wasn’t able to travel to Stockholm with team, due to Visa issues.

The absence of BOROS forced them to announce their newly appointed head coach, Allan Hender as a new fifth. However, with the loan deal of mirbit, Hender can stick to the coaching aspect of the game.

Endpoint | IEM Fall Roster

Kia "⁠Surreal⁠" Man

Max "⁠MiGHTYMAX⁠" Heath

Thomas "⁠Thomas⁠" Utting

Joey "⁠CRUC1AL⁠" Steusel

Sabit "⁠mirbit⁠" Coktasar (Stand-in)

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