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ENCE won after 16-0 loss

The Funspark ULTI 2021 Europe Playoff 1 first upper bracket quarter-final delivered a random game!

A difficult game to read as ENCE seemed in full control on the first map, then got themselves a big loss on the second map, and then dominating again on the third map.

The first map was played on Vertigo, where ENCE dominated the full game, after the first half ENCE was leading 12-3, as the T side, and the map seemed to be a formality without a chance for a weak HAVU side to make the comeback.

In the second half, ENCE delivered what they needed they won four out of the first eight rounds, which was enough for ENCE to win the first map 16-7.

With HAVU playing so bad in the last couple of months, we would expect ENCE to pick up the win pretty easily, but this didn’t happen at all, we can’t explain what happened to HAVU and ENCE but something changed for both teams on Dust2.

HAVU delivered a clean round in the first half, as they won 15-0 and they looked to be the only team on the map with ENCE playing very bad.

There was no chance for ENCE to come back on the map, and they had already given up a long time ago on the map, and they ended up losing the only round in the second half, making the humiliation real.

HAVU won 16-0 against ENCE on Dust2, where ENCE delivered one of the worst performances of the year as a team.

Something had to change for ENCE, but you couldn’t predict what would happen on the third map.

The last map was to be played on Nuke, where ENCE had something to prove, and they did.

After the first half, ENCE was leading 10-5 and had found themselves again luckily.

The second half was a demonstration of powers by ENCE, who had a lot to prove from the awful second map, they managed to win the second half 6-0, which was enough for them to win the map 16-5.

Therefore, the game ended with an ENCE victory, but with some concerns for the team.

HAVU – ENCE 1-2 | Funspark ULTI 2021 Europe Playoff 1

Vertigo: 7-16 | doto – 1.58 Rating – 105.4 ADR – 23-12 K/D

Dust2: 16-0 | xseveN – 2.06 Rating – 120.1 ADR – 18-8 K/D

Nuke: 5-16 | hades – 2.37 Rating – 138.5 ADR – 32-11 K/D

MVP: Olek “hades” Miskiewicz – 1.31 Rating – 82.0 ADR – 49-33 K/D

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