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ENCE Qualify For Legends Stage

No upsets here as ENCE got it done in two!

ENCE secured their spot at the Legends Stage after beating up the Kosovars of Bad News Eagles. ENCE were the massive favorites but it was not all fun and games for "Snappi" and co.

The brawl began on bNE's pick of Dust2, and early on, they were taught a lesson. ENCE, spearheaded by their leader "Snappi", outclassed the Kosovars in all aspects of the game. The only thing the Eagles had going for them was their impeccable aim, but that only got them three rounds in the first round.
After switching sides, the bNE squad had a massive resurgence. "gxx-" had come alive on the AWP and, in combination with "juanflatroo", and "rigoN", saw to it that the Eagles quickly equalized at 13-13. But the favorites of ENCE managed to come up clutch at the last moments of the map and steal the last three rounds away, and thereby the map.

bNE, on the CT side, found a good amount of success in the early stages of the second map of Nuke. "juanflatroo" was removing any attacker that came his way without exception. But with all of his teammates lagging behind individually, ENCE took the first half win at 9-6.
The Eagles won the second-half pistol round but did not find much more than that against the well-coordinated defense of ENCE.

Bad News Eagles will have another chance to qualify for the Legends Stage tomorrow, while ENCE can now relax.

ENCE - Bad News Eagles 2-0 | PGL Major Antwerp Challengers Stage

16-13 (Dust2) | Snappi - 1.24 Rating / 21-20 K-D / 85.1 ADR

16-9 (Nuke) | Spinx - 1.47 Rating / 26-13 K-D / 83.0 ADR

MVP: Lotan "Spinx" Giladi - 1.32 Rating / 49-29 K-D / 83.2 ADR

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