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Double Danish Delight in the opening round of the Legends Stage

Both Heroic and Copenhagen Flames started the Swiss Group Stage with a win.

Despite the lack of Astralis at the Legends Stage at PGL Major Antwerp there is still hope for the Danes. Copenhagen Flames and Heroic both came out victorious in the first matches of the day in Antwerp.

Heroic faced Team Liqiud on Vertigo. Here it was one-way traffic in the beginning. It was not until round seven before the North American were able to find an answer to break through the defense of the Danes. Liquid managed to find six rounds in the first half, but they had one big problem. Richard "shox" Papillon had a nightmare of a game with only one kill after 18 rounds.

The lack of impact from the Frenchman was a big problem for Liquid, who otherwise was up to pair with the Danes.

Heroic – Team Liquid 1-0 | PGL Major Antwerp Legends Stage

16-11 (Vertigo) | René 'TeSeS' Madsen - 1.51 rating / 27-17 K-D / 108.9 ADR

Notable stat: shox - 0.42 rating / 8-23 K-D / 50.1 ADR

For both Bad News Eagles and Copenhagen Flames, the first-round matchup at the Legends Stage at PGL Antwerp Major was as favorable as it gets. The Danish Flames could probably not get a better draw on paper, while BNE avoided facing one of the tournament favorites. The Balkan team actually has a 3-0 record against Copenhagen Flames in their last three matches in late 2021.

On Ancient they also found themselves ahead 7-2 after a strong start on their T side. Copenhagen Flames limited the damage in the first half and could see BNE take a 9-6 lead into the second half.

After the break, the roles were reversed. Now it was the Danes on the T side. Here Flames narrowly managed to edge out Bad News Eagles in some very intense rounds and won the first round match by 16-14.

Copenhagen Flames - Bad News Eagles 1-0 | PGL Major Antwerp Legends Stage

16-14 (Ancient) | Fredrik 'roeJ' Jørgensen - 1.63 rating / 32-21 K-D / 117.2 ADR

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