Aurora wins CCT South Europe

The Russian roster is currently on a seven-match winning streak.

Aurora keeps on proving itself with their impressive run at CCT South Europe Series 3. The Russians went undefeated throughout the entire tournament taking down the likes of Monte 2-0, 500 2-0, 9INE 2-1, and Bad News Eagles in the Grand Final 2-0.

To kick off the Final, Mirage was the first map to be played. Starting off the series best was the Russians who went 14-6 after just 20 rounds of play. However, Bad News Eagles pulled off an impressive comeback on their own map pick to take map one into overtime. Despite the huge comeback from juanflatroo and co. Aurora had ice in their veins as they closed out the game in overtime. Aurora took the victory on Mirage 22-19.

Next up, Ancient. Aurora showed why they picked Ancient as their pick going into the Grand Final. The Russian team destroyed their opponents 16-4 after posting 11 rounds on the T side before closing out the series and the map 16-4 on the CT side.

CCT South Europe Series 3 Grand Final:

MVP: Aleksandr 'KENSI' Gurkin 65-32 K-D / +34 +/- / 105.3 ADR / 1.71 Rating.

Next time we get to see Aurora in action they will be taking upon Monte in the RES Eastern European Masters Spring 2023 - BLAST Premier Qualifier.

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