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Bad News Eagles continue Cinderella story and qualifies for Legends Stage!

MIBR leaves Antwerp disappointed after getting reverse swept.

It was all-or-nothing for both MIBR and Bad News Eagles on the fourth and final day of the Challengers Stage at PGL Antwerpen Major.

For Bad News Eagles the match started brilliantly with Rigon "rigoN" Gashi’s crisp USB, who took down four MIBR players in six shots in round one. A performance that pushed his teammates to a stellar first half that left MIBR with a mountain to climb going down 11-4 on their own map pick, Nuke. But then it was MIBR’s turn on the CT side. And suddenly the momentum shifted and the Brazilians ran over the Balkan roster and stole away the map with a 16-13 win.

On Ancient it was again Bad News Eagles who started best. Dionis 'sinnopsyy' Budeci gave a monster performance to deny MIBR the 2-0 victory. The in-game leader averaged 124 damage pr. round during the map that ended one-sided in favor of BNE.

The decider map was Vertigo. A rare sight as a decider, but it was here the two rosters had to settle the score. With nine of the ten players on the two rosters making their debuts at a Major, it was safe to say, that this encounter on Vertigo was the biggest and most important map for almost all of the players on the server. Marcelo 'chelo' Cespedes was the only player with previous experience in a Major.

But as seen in the clip below, it was not something that seemed to have a big impact on the players.

For the third time today, Bad News Eagles got off to a good start leading 9-6 at the break. Quickly MIBR made it 9-9, but then Bad News Eagles won five rounds in a row to give themselves a prime position to seal the deal. Despite chelo's best efforts, it was not enough for MIBR. The Brazilians could not keep up with the Balkan boys, who does the unthinkable and qualified for the Legends Stage without an organization.

Bad News Eagles - MIBR 2-1 | PGL Major Antwerp Challengers Stage

13-16 (Nuke) | rigoN - 1.36 Rating / 28-22 K-D / 94.7 ADR

16-8 (Ancient) | sinnopsyy - 1.66 Rating / 26-16 K-D / 124.0 ADR

16-10 (Vertigo) | chelo - 1.52 Rating / 26-18 K-D / 108.3 ADR

MVP: Rigon "rigoN" Gashi - 1.41 Rating / 75-58 K-D / 96.1 ADR

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