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degster: "I'm happy I got this chance to prove myself"

We talked with "degster" after OG's Semi-final loss to Natus Vincere

One of the hottest names currently within the professional CS:GO scene is without any doubt "degster". The 20-year-old Russian AWP'er has been putting up incredible numbers as of late and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. After being benched at Team Spirit, many different teams have been rumored with the talented AWP'er. For the time being, he has been acting as a stand-in for the international OG roster at the ongoing BLAST Premier Spring Final 2022 event. Having just been knocked out of the event in a semi-final brawl against Natus Vincere, we talked with "degster" in Lisbon, Portugal about OG's run.

An all-in-all happy "degster" explained that whilst it was, of course, a tough loss, he was just happy to see such a high level of Counter-Strike:

"What should i say, we lost and they played very well. We was trying to do our best and we pushed them on 100% of their game and that's it, i like to play like that."

When asked about his own current situation and his individual performance at the tournament, "degster" explained the following:

"It was a good tournament, I showed myself. I played for the first time with an international team and I found this experience for myself at a tier-one tournament. I'm happy I got this chance to prove myself."

To hear more about what the talented AWP'er "degster" had to say regarding his run with OG in Lisbon and his current situation as a free agent, you can watch the exclusive interview with him down below:

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