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The CS:GO scene reacts to HUNDEN scandal

"If it's true they should all get f*cking wrecked" - Jason "Moses" O'Toole. See some of the reactions to HUNDEN's claims about his former players.

If you are a CS:GO fan or just follow the scene from time to time, it's been impossible to avoid the name of Nicolai HUNDEN" Petersen. The Danish coach has been the man of the hour, owing to several damaging stories about him. Yesterday, HUNDEN went public stating that several Heroic players knew about the cheating when it happened, and they discussed whether to use the "spectator bug" in matches back in May 2020. The statement was backed by Jacob "Pimp" Winnecke who believe HUNDEN "highly probable is telling the truth", owing to some material handed to Pimp by HUNDEN.

The news shocked the CS:GO scene and caused a myriad of interesting reactions. Here are some of them.

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