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Copenhagen Flames dispatch of Imperial in Antwerp

A blow-out and a double OT were on the menu today!

The last game of the Legends Stage had Copenhagen Flames face Imperial. Copenhagen Flames and Imperial faced each other in the very last game of the Legends Stage. The Brazilians and the Danes battled for the eighth and final quarter-finals spot in Antwerp.

Imperial's go-to map of Inferno kicked off the series, and the Flames on the CT side took advantage of that. Every single Flames player was playing at a high level, and "Zyphon" was at one point 14-1. On the other side, the individuals except for "VINI" were really struggling for the first fifteen rounds, which netted the Danes an enormous 13-2 lead.
The Copenhagen Flames unsurprisingly quickly ended the map, and Imperial now had to battle from a ginormous 16-2 loss.

Copenhagen Flames picked Vertigo as the second map. It is a map that has treated them well in the past, and it is one of the weakest maps, if not THE weakest map for Imperial.
As the percentages suggested, the Flames got off to the best start. The Danes took a 9-3 T side lead before giving up the last three rounds of the half to the Brazilians.
Imperial crucially won the second half pistol round and converted the following. The Flames tried to push back with some wins of their own, but after eleven second-half rounds the Brazilians had tied up the game. All thirty rounds of regulation and more were needed as Imperial failed to take advantage of map point and the map went to OT.
After failing to convert on two map points in the first overtime, the Flames kept it clean in the second where they won all four rounds to close out the game.

With the win, the Copenhagen Flames claim the last available quarter-finals spot and send Imperial home.

Highlight of the Bo3-series:

Imperial - Copenhagen Flames 0-2 | PGL Major Antwerp Legends Stage

2-16 (Inferno) | Zyphon - 1.82 Rating / 20-3 K-D / 90.7 ADR

18-22 (Vertigo) | Zyphon - 1.41 Rating / 34-21 K-D / 90.1 ADR

MVP: Rasmus "Zyphon" Nordfoss - 1.54 Rating / 54-24 K-D / 90.3 ADR

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