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Controversial smoke bug fixed by Valve

The game developers have now reacted to the heavily debated one-way smoke brought to light by G2's m0NESY.

Yesterday a video of Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov surfaced from G2's matchup against Imperial, where the young AWPer exploited a smoke bug which gave him an advantageous visual through the window down mid on Mirage.

The exploit and POV video created a lot of stir in the community, especially among the pro players at the Major.

It may be the reason for VALVE’s Quick response Yesterday evening/night, where they decided to fix the smoke bug so it Can’t be used in the rest of the Major and further on. Something VALVE did through an update around 24 hours after m0NESY used the bug in the opening round of the Legends Stage at PGL Major Antwerp.

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