Cloud9 take down Worlds #1 with a crazy comeback! |

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Cloud9 take down Worlds #1 with a crazy comeback!

It’s fair to say that no one is safe in this IEM Rio Major Legends Stage.

FaZe Clan who are the winners of the three biggest tournaments in CS:GO of the year, IEM Katowice, PGL Major Antwerp, and IEM Cologne, came into the IEM Rio Major as one of the biggest favorites. It was clear to see exactly why as they looked very sharp in the beginning of their opening matchup against Cloud9 in the Legends Stage of IEM Rio Major, finishing off the first half with an 11-4 scoreline. But unfortunately, FaZe saw themselves fumble in the very end…

Karrigan’s troops began things on Overpass in dominant form, storming to a 10-1 lead on the CT-side before nafany and company were able to answer back on a difficult T-side by grabbing three rounds at the end of the half.

Cloud9 hoped for a momentum change as the teams switched sides, and even though that didn’t happen right away after FaZe secured the pistol and the following round, Cloud9 didn’t stop believing in a Major comeback.

Karrigan and company were only three rounds away from securing their first win on the road to defend their Major title, but suddenly nafany’s troops began to cause them big troubles. Nafany, who at one point in the game was 3-8, helped his team with massive multi frags rounds and top IGL calling on top of that to push his team all the way to level up the game 14-14.

In the end, Cloud9 completed a crazy comeback with a 16-14 reversal, sending karrigan and company to the 0-1 pool, where Liquid, Sprout, and Bad News Eagles currently are.

IEM Rio Major – Legends Stage | Cloud9 vs. FaZe Clan

Overpass: 16-14

MVP: rain – 1.24 Rating | 23-20 K/D | 84.9 ADR | 60.0% KAST

Despite losing the match, FaZe’s rain finished the match as MVP, showcasing incredible form which unfortunately wasn’t enough to push his team across the line.

IEM Rio Major – Legends Stage | BIG vs. Sprout

Vertigo: 16-11

MVP: syrsoN – 1.44 Rating | 26-15 K/D | 94.5 ADR | 74.1% KAST

In the backstage game at IEM Rio Major, BIG and Sprout met on Vertigo, where syrsoN and company secured a 16-11 victory to send Sprout to the 0-1 pool.

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