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Carlos: I don't see myself returning to G2

The former G2 owner Carlos "ocelote" Rodríguez Santiago has ruled out a return.

Back in September, the Twitter drama of G2 owner Carlos "ocelote" Rodríguez Santiago created so much attention, that the Spaniard ended up pulling out of the company, that he once founded himself.

The center of attention was a tweet from Carlos "ocelote" Rodríguez Santiago, where he was seen partying with the controversial internet personality, Andrew Tate. Something that immediately created a shitstorm against the G2 owner, who ended up announcing his departure from G2.

Ironically G2's CS:GO roster managed to win a Tier-1 tournament after the farewell with the win at BLAST World Finals. Today Carlos "ocelote" Rodríguez Santiago answered a question that a lot of G2 fans has asked him the last couple of months.

- I don't see myself returning to G2 G2 is going to succeed without me at the helm there are very capable and inspirational people there. many of which I hired myself. Every beginning has an end. Don't be sad that it's over. be happy that it happened.

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