Boombl4 allegedly declined an invite from Smooya and co. due to him “recording a track”

It seems like the former NAVI captain has his priorities set straight.

Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhaylov has made many headlines this year - From being accused of taking drugs by his wife (now ex-wife), to being kicked by NAVI, just to announce that he wants to pursue a career as a rapper simultaneously with playing CS:GO.

But what is his top priority? CS:GO or rap?

According to Rodion "Fear" Smyk from Benched Heroes, which also includes Owen “Smooya” Butterfield and Michał “MICHU” Müller, boombl4 declined an invite from the profiled mix because “he was recording a track”.

Something Fear revealed on a stream with Konstantin "LENINIW" Sivko. (Transcript from

This was our initial goal, to create a hype team. We created a Twitter account because we have two media players [smooya and Aunkere] who are streaming a lot. This idea led us to invite Boombl4, but he didn't want to join because he was recording a track.

(…) I don't know if he was interested to play, he is still under contract with NAVI. You can see that downgrading from NAVI to Benched Heroes sounds not that good.

Aunkere messaged him, because he knows him a bit. He asked but Boombl4 declined. I don't know much more about it. I don't see anything bad about this attempt because we are a mixed team that doesn't have a goal to win something big, we wanted to play qualifiers and stream it. We were trying to play for the win but we might not have qualified as well.

Qualified for RMR

Last week, Smooya and the rest of Benched Heroes managed to secure a ticket to the prominent RMR tournament before IEM Rio later this year.

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