Credit: ESL Adela Sznajder

Mixed team led by smooya qualify for IEM Rio EU RMR

All 32 teams for the upcoming RMR qualifier has been found.

The controversial and profiled figure of Owen “smooya” Butterfield has together with his five-man mix roster secured a spot at the European RMR qualifier for the upcoming Major in Rio de Janeiro in November.

Under a banner called Benched Heroes, smooya and company yesterday managed to defeat the Poles from Illuminar in a very close 2-1 series, grabbing the last two tickets for the RMR event together with GamerLegion.

Something they have done right in front of the noses of profiled teams such as Entropiq, Movistar Riders, Finest and Apeks, who all failed to qualify after a disappointing showing in the four open qualifiers. You can watch smooya's quite unusual celebration down below.

Here is the full team list for the European RMR:

FaZe – Spirit – NIP – Cloud9 – MOUZ – NAVI – ENCE – BIG – Vitality – Heroic – Outsiders – OG – G2 – Fnatic – Eternal Fire – forZe – Falcons – K23 – Monte – Sangal – FANTASY – Sprout – B8 – Bad News Eagles – Aurora – ECSTATIC – Astralis – Benched Heroes – HEET – SAW – 1WIN - GamerLegion

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