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BLAST admitting "lack of clarity" in "k0nfig-gate"

BLAST plans to strengthen their processes and communication with teams in the wake of this incident.

In a statement released on Twitter, tournament organizers from BLAST admitted to a “lack of clarity” in the recent “k0nfig-gate” incident. The statement began by acknowledging all the confusion that has transpired around the roster lock for the kick-off of the 2023 season.

According to the statement, FaZe Clan had submitted a roster change for this week’s Spring Groups due to rain missing out on the event and had requested the use of k0nfig, which was denied as the player was registered on another team’s roster for the event. In the process, there was confusion around whether the subsequent emergency substitution request was formally accepted and validated by BLAST in time for the event.

After reviewing the incident internally, BLAST identified miscommunication and a lack in clarity from their side on the roster lock timings and k0nfig's eligibility to play in BLAST Premier Spring Groups. The tournament organizers stated that this is not how they typically operate and they will be looking into strengthening processes and communication with teams, specifically around roster locks.

BLAST ended up working closely with FaZe and found a solution by letting es3tag compete with the team. In addition, it was also stated that should FaZe Clan face NiP later in Spring Groups, es3tag will be unavailable to play in that match, a circumstance that both teams are aware of and have accepted.

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