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B1ad3: For me, HooXi is a tier-2, tier-3 IGL who is evolving pretty fast

NAVI’s experienced coach gives his take on the Danish in-game leader.

NAVI’s coach, B1ad3, has recently shared his opinion on G2’s Danish IGL, HooXi. In a video on ESL’s YouTube channel, various pro in-game leaders were asked to rate HooXi’s abilities as an IGL, and B1ad3 commented that he sees HooXi as a tier-2 or tier-3 IGL who is rapidly improving.

However, despite B1ad3’s assessment, other pro in-game leaders in the video spoke highly of HooXi’s abilities as a captain. They praised his strategic thinking, communication skills, and ability to adapt to different situations during matches.

HooXi himself is currently considered one of the top IGL’s in the CS:GO world, having led G2 to numerous victories and a top-ranking position on HLTV’s World Ranking. He is credited with bringing structure and discipline to the team’s gameplay, as well as introducing new strategies that have caught many of their opponents off guard.

Overall, while opinions on HooXi’s abilities as an IGL may vary, it is clear that he is a key player in G2’s success and a force to be reckoned with in the competitive CS:GO scene. Fans can check out the video to see what other pro in-game leaders had to say about him right here:

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