Credit: Michael Konkol, BLAST

Watch cadiaN's amazing 1vs5 clutch against Vitality on all languages

Watch the hype behind one of the best clutches in recent years!

cadiaN stood tall against five Vitality players despite all the odds being against the 27-year-old Dane. In a 1vs5 situation, the Heroic IGL took things into his own hands and secured his team their teenth round. Heroic ended up winning the map on behalf of all the momentum the team gained after the cadiaN clutch.

Watch cadiaN's 1vs5 clutch in every language right here:

If you want to know how it sounds when your country goes insane after a wild clutch, check the timestamps here:

00:00 - English

00:40 - Danish

01:21 - Russian

02:00 - Spanish

02:36 - Portuguese

03:15 - French

03:49 - Portuguese/Brazillian

04:40 - German

05:20 - Ukrainian

05:58 - Polish

06:46 - Finnish

07:29 - Serbian

08:14 - Hungarian

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