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Video: Watch s1mple and Neymar team up!

One of the best footballers in the world joined s1mple on the server. See their highlights here.

What happens when the best player in the world team up with one of the biggest superstars of football? A lot of highlights!

While Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyljev and NAVI were in Brazil for IEM Rio, the Ukrainian CS:GO star teamed up with Neymar for a match. The Brazilian superstar is a vivid fan of Counter-Strike and is regularly playing the game with over 2000 matches on FACEIT.

Two nights ago the two of them meet each other in Rio, where Neymar had invited the NAVI player to join him for a match. s1mple and Neymar won the match 2-0. On Inferno, the duo was dominating the server with s1mple going 42-19 in K-D, while Neymar clocked in a respectable 27-20 in K-D.

You can see the highlights of the two players on Inferno here.

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