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Video: The story of s1mple 2.0

It took the Ukrainian beast a while to find himself.

After the disappointment and uncertainty of his earlier years in CS:GO, on NAVI, it was s1mple’s time to show the world what he was truly capable of.

2020 looked like it was going to be the year he finally won his missing Major, the year he would indisputably prove who was the true GOAT of Counter-Strike. But unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be as there was no Major in 2020, as the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the few events that did happen took place online.

It seemed as if s1mple’s chance had passed him by, like he was cursed to never win the biggest trophy in Counter-Strike. But he wasn’t ready to give up. This year has by far been his best year yet, going into PGL Major Stockholm, he had it all: the talent, the drive, and the perfect team.

This is his story:

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