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Video: s1mple doesn't need an AWP to dominate

Watch one of the remarkable highlights from yesterdays match between NAVI and Liquid

Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev is a name known by every single Counter-Strike enthusiast in the world, as well as the opponents in which he strikes fear. "s1mple" is mostly known for his incredibly flexible AWP'ing style that has provided us with many highlights over the years.

To think that he is a "one-trick pony", however, would be completely wrong. He proves exactly that when showing his capabilities with the Desert Eagle, otherwise known as the "Deagle". Taking down three Liquid players in quick succession "s1mple" makes a round that NAVI should have no say in, more than possible.

Watch the clip of "s1mple" dominating his opponents with the deagle right here:

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