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Video: Most viewed clip of IEM Cologne 2022

Is this the best highlight from the just-finished IEM Cologne 2022 event?

Home to many of the greatest Counter-Strike moments in the history of the game, the cathedral of Counter-Strike, IEM Cologne. The always-epic IEM Cologne event of the year reached its conclusion with FaZe as the champions in a thriller of a Grand Final against Natus Vincere.

As always, many great moments were created throughout the many matches played between the absolute best Counter-Strike teams in the world of CS:GO. Whilst there are many great moments and highlights to pick from, one stood out in particular.

The most-viewed clip of the IEM Cologne 2022 event, with more than 175.000 views, is of course produced by the Ukrainian superstar "s1mple". The Natus Vincere beast proved how he is capable of single-handedly closing out rounds more than once at IEM Cologne 2022, however, this particular highlight is something out of this world.

Managing to take down every single member of NiP, without the help of his teammates, "s1mple" manages to pull off an incredible 1v5 ACE clutch. This man does not feel pressure - take a look:

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