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Video: How difficult is professional CS:GO?

Two noobs try out for Heroic and it is extremely funny and chaotic

We have probably all been sitting at home picturing the life of a professional CS:GO player, I mean how difficult can it really be? The answer to that question is very, very difficult. Whilst it might seem somewhat simple, it is no secret that to perform at the highest possible level within the professional CS:GO scene you have to put in that extra work.

So what happens when you take two players that are nowhere near the level of the tier-one pros and slot them into a professional CS:GO roster? Heroic tested exactly that when they brought in two noobs to play alongside them for a day. With "cadiaN" in the coaching role and the, always funny, Heroic players trying their best it is sure to be a fun watch.

Take a look at how challenging and demanding it is to play alongside some of the best CS:GO players in the entire world:

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