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Video: ENCE Nuke Entry Routes

Take Nuke bombsites like ENCE!

Historically Nuke has been one of the most difficult T-sides to play. Only 44.9% of the rounds have gone the way of the terrorists when top30 teams have clashed since the map was added to the CS:GO map pool. One of the reasons for this is the easy access that CTs have for efficient rotations. Consequently, it is important to be decisive and potent with your bombsite hits.
One of the teams who have recently had success with this is ENCE. In 2022 they have won 10 out of 12 games on Nuke, and they have done it versus teams such as Na'Vi, Astralis, and FURIA.

Content creator "Smirky" has taken a closer look at what it is that ENCE does that makes them so successful. He takes a deep dive into the individual roles and pathings, and also at what utility you need to have available.

So if you or your team is struggling to break through the barriers of the Nuke bombsites this is the video for you:

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