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Video: The birth of sh1ro - The Clutch King

It was in Copenhagen, that the world saw the first look of the Gambit roster, that would go on to dominate the CS:GO scene.

At Copenhagen Games in April 2019 a very young Gambit roster made their presence known for the first time to the world.

The tournament was their first attempt at a tier A competition. They traveled to Copenhagen to play the LAN event, where they first had to qualify. Here they had to take down the likes of GODSENT and SJ Gaming to qualify. And so they did.

At the main tournament, it did not go well for the young Russians. The only 17-year-old Dmitry "sh1ro" Sokolov still managed to impress during the tournament with an unbelievable 1vs4 clutch against Tricked, with players as acoR, Bubzkji, Borup, and sjuush.

Youtuber Hawka has gathered the highlights from shiro, and tells the story of the Gambit Youngsters here.

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