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Credit: Damian Gatkiewicz ESL

Video: Aleksib with 3k through smoke!

The Finnish mastermind gave his team a fantastic start, and he opened the round with three kills, giving his team a 5v2 situation!

Three kills within fifteen seconds, seems to be a very good round for Aleksib, but there were more two of these kills were outrageous, and they got delivered while the Finnish player couldn’t see the opponents. An outrageously good performance by the OG player!

The Finnish in-game leader joined OG from ENCE late in 2019, and is running on his second year at the Danish esports organization, where he seems to be feeling at home!

He has played at a rating of 1.07 in the last three months, which is a great result as an in-game leader, he had delivered for OG and if he keeps delivered, this would be a very exciting team to watch in the future. They weren’t very exciting to watch yesterday´s as Gambit bulldozed through the roster and got the IEM Summer 2021 trophy!

Watch the play by Aleksib here

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