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Top 10 most-watched CS:GO matches in history

Take a look at the most-watched CS:GO matches in history right here.

CS:GO which is the most recent shooter of the legendary Counter-Strike series, is the most popular FPS game in the gaming industry, as well as one of the most popular and largest esports disciplines worldwide. That’s why Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for many people isn’t just a game, it’s a way of life. A culture and a community, which is one of the oldest institutions in all of esports.

In this article, we present you the ten matches with the most peak viewers in CS:GO since the very beginning in 2012. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the most-watched CS:GO matches in history are from recent years, as the game has been exploding in popularity over the last five years.

Top 10 most-watched CS:GO matches in history

1. G2 vs NAVI (PGL Major Stockholm - Grand Final) | 2.748.434 peak viewers

2. FaZe vs NAVI (PGL Major Antwerp) | 2.113.610

3. Vitality vs GamerLegion (BLAST Paris Major - Grand Final) | 1.528.724

4. Gambit vs NAVI (PGL Major Stockholm) | 1.444.851

5. NAVI vs FURIA (IEM Rio Major) | 1.428.993

6. G2 vs Heroic (PGL Major Stockholm) | 1.405.407

7. Vitality vs NAVI (PGL Major Stockholm) | 1.381.196

8. Astralis vs (ELEAGUE Major 2017 – Grand Final) | 1.331.781

9. FaZe vs Cloud9 (ELEAGUE Major 2018 – Grand Final) | 1.329.096

10. FaZe vs NAVI (IEM Cologne 2022 – Grand Final) | 1.249.426

(Numbers are from Esport Charts)

As we see in the first place, the Grand final matchup between G2 and NAVI at PGL Major Stockholm 2021 reached a ridiculous peak viewership number of 2.748.434 and is therefore the most-watched CS:GO match in history. Will it be beaten anytime soon?

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