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Superstar struggled against Astralis

s1mple wasn't up to his usual antics in today's matchup against Astralis, presenting a negative rating over three maps.

Natus Vincere was eliminated from IEM Global Challenge this evening after they lost 2-1 against their nemesis from Astralis. The Russian team didn’t stand a chance against the mighty Danes, even though they have been unstoppable so far in the tournament, crushing both Liquid and FURIA. Something, they have managed to do due to their superstar Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev who has presented a completely insane rating of 1.45 going into the semi-final.

Even though, being the highest-ranked player, s1mple was nowhere to be seen in the vital matchup against Astralis. The Ukrainian superstar was completely overmatched by the Danes who did a good job, taking down the AWPer round after round. In two out of three maps, s1mple presented a negative rating, something which nearly happens for the Ukrainian superstar who usually displays a rating over 1.10.

Historically speaking, NAVI always has had problems when their superstar doesn’t frag out, where the Russian team haven’t managed to compensate for the missing kills and missing impact from s1mple. Something, which was shown clearly in today’s matchup against Astralis.

s1mple performance against Astralis (rating / K-D)

Inferno | 0.79 / 16-18

Nuke | 1.29 / 21-16

Train | 0.92 / 19-20

Overall | 0.97 / 56-54

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