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The story of electronic: The king that is overshadowed by a god

When talking about the CIS giants of NaVi don't forget the rifle king "electronic"

The 22-year-old Russian may not be a household name like "s1mple", "ZywOo" or "device". But through the years he has developed into being a consistent top player in the world of CS:GO. He is without a doubt the best lieutenant or number 2 player on any team today. His incredible spray transfers and abilities with almost any weapons make him an ideal player to have on a team, where there is already a world-class AWP'er.

At HLTV's yearly ranking for the 2020 season, he came in as 5th. This marks the third year straight, where he has finished among the top 6 players in the world. Having won the last LAN event in IEM Katowice before Covid-19 forced everything online, the expectations for 2021 are big for the Russian.

- In 2021 I want our team to become number one and win as many big tournaments as possible, he said to HLTV.

And maybe "electronic" can reach an even higher ranking in the world himself. Through 2020 he progressed to deliver better and better in the bigger tournaments and the biggest matches. With his start to 2021 in mind, it will be very interesting to see, if the Rifler will continue to dominate for NAVI and if he can finally step out of the shadows of "s1mple".

- I always strive to train a lot, and this, specifically, is the key to success for any player

You can see some of his best highlights from LAN events in the 2020 season in the following video down below:

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