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Spirit secure quarter-finals spot at the Major

The Russians stun everyone as the first team through to the playoffs!

A quarter-finals spot was on the line when the Russians of Spirt took on the Danes of Copenhagen Flames. Both teams somewhat surprisingly went 2-0 on Day 1 and now had a chance to lock up a quarter-finals spot.

The Bo3 kicked off on Vertigo, a map that has almost become synonymous with the Copenhagen Flames, and it was of course their map pick. After taking a commanding early lead, the Danes suddenly loosened their grip on the match and let the CIS squad come back into it, and it was all tied up at halftime with an 8-7 lead for the Flames.
As we came into the rifles rounds in the second half it quickly became clear that the Flames would win the map. After losing the two initial rounds the Danes went on an 8-1 run with none of the rounds being won by defusing.

The brawl continued on Sprit's pick of Mirage, and it was the Russians on the T side who got off to the best start as they led by three rounds at halftime after what had been an extremely close half with multiple ties and lead changes.
A solid defensive effort from Spirit and yet another great performance from "Patsi" meant that the Flames were only able to take two round wins in the second half and the match was pushed to a decider.

Ancient was the third and final map and on the T side, the Copenhagen Flames crucially managed to take the pistol round. This was where the fun began for Spirit who immediately returned the favor by going on a ginormous ten-round streak. Fortunately, the Flames took three of the last four rounds and the round deficit was now manageable.
The Danes took the second half pistol round and the conversion but did not find more, as the Russians of Spirit were simply playing a better game today.

Spirit surprise everyone as the first team through to the playoffs, while the Flames will have another chance to do the same tomorrow.

Highlight of the Bo3-series:

Spirit - Copenhagen Flames 2-1 | PGL Major Antwerp Legends Stage

10-16 (Vertigo) | jabbi - 1.43 Rating / 25-16 K-D / 93.2 ADR

16-8 (Mirage) | Patsi - 1.51 Rating / 23-12 K-D / 105.7 ADR

16-6 (Ancient) | magixx - 1.95 Rating / 25-8 K-D / 116.8 ADR

MVP: Abdul "degster" Gasanov - 1.35 Rating / 65-37 K-D / 82.8 ADR

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