Team Spirit, New roster 2023

Credit: Team Spirit

Spirit promote three academy players to main roster

Leonid "⁠chopper⁠" Vishnyakov and Boris "⁠magixx⁠" Vorobiev will continue on the Russian team.

Spirit Academy has been one of the most hyped academy teams in CS:GO recently after some excellent results. Three of the players have not officially been promoted to the main squad, where they will be under the guidance of the more experienced players Leonid "⁠chopper⁠" Vishnyakov and Boris "⁠magixx⁠" Vorobiev.

Danil "⁠donk⁠" Kryshkovets, Artem "⁠ArtFr0st⁠" Kharitonov, and Myroslav "⁠zont1x⁠" Plakhotia will be the new faces on the main roster with Danil "⁠donk⁠" Kryshkovets standing out as one of the most exciting young prospects in CS:GO. At the age of just 16, the young Russian has already put up some very impressive stats rating 1.22 in the last three months.

The three players replace Robert "Patsi" Isyanov (Team Liquid), Pavel 's1ren' Ogloblin (transferlisted), and Igor 'w0nderful' Zhdanov (transferlisted).

Team Spirit

Leonid "⁠chopper⁠" Vishnyakov

Boris "⁠magixx⁠" Vorobiev

Danil "⁠donk⁠" Kryshkovets

Artem "⁠ArtFr0st⁠" Kharitonov

Myroslav "⁠zont1x⁠" Plakhotia

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