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Snow Sweet Snow 3 update

SKADE and ex-Winstrike steam through to the Quarter-finals

The first round of the playoffs at the Snow Sweet Snow 3 event has concluded. That, of course, means that the four teams advancing to the Quarter-finals have been found. Take a look at how the opening round of the playoffs went.

SKADE vs. Anonymo (2-0)

the SKADE roster seemed eager and ready to fight when they entered the server. Starting strong by winning their map pick on Overpass 16-8 they carried their momentum through to the second map on Nuke. Despite being the pick of Anonymo, the Polish roster had very little room for error as SKADE relentlessly pushed them back. Ultimately they took home Nuke with a 16-8 scoreline and thereby also the series with a 2-0 victory.

SKADE is set to face mousesports in the Quarter-finals where they will have to see if they can carry on their form.

16-8 SKADE (Overpass) | SHiPZ 1.47 Rating / 102.9 ADR / 24-17 K-D

16-8 SKADE (Nuke) | SHiPZ 1.38 Rating / 94.0 ADR / 18-13 K-D

Wisla Krakow vs. Nordavind (2-1)

The series of the day turned out to be Wisla Krakow vs. Nordavind. A series that went all the way and in close fashion. Ultimately, however, it was Wisla Krakow and its Polish roster to have the slight edge over their opponents. With all three maps going to overtime and despite "mertz" best attempt to carry his team it was Wisla Krakow that, in the end, could call themselves Quarter-finalists with a 2-1 victory.

The victory means a spot at the Quarter-finals where they will have to defeat fnatic in order to further advance in the tournament.

19-17 Wisla Krakow (Train) | mertz 1.43 Rating / 102.9 ADR / 33-24 K-D

19-16 Nordavind (Dust2) | mertz 1.49 Rating / 95.7 ADR / 34-19 K-D

19-16 Wisla Krakow (Mirage) | mertz 1.28 Rating / 82.4 ADR / 28-20 K-D

ex-Winstrike vs. Sinners (2-0)

ex-Winstrike proved themselves the superior roster against Sinners today. Catching the Sinners off guard was the ex-Winstrike roster, as they managed to sweep away the first map with an impressive scoreline of 16-1. The story continued along the same lines as ex-Winstrike defeated Sinners 16-6 on Vertigo and closed the series with an impressive 2-0 victory.

The ex-Winstrike roster is set to face HAVU in the Quarter-finals.

16-1 ex-Winstrike (Overpass) | El1an 1.78 Rating / 116.6 ADR / 19-9 K-D

16-6 ex-Winstrike (Vertigo) | El1an 1.79 Rating / 121.1 ADR / 24-13 K-D

Dignitas vs. Tricked (2-0)

The final Bo3-series in the opening round of the playoffs at the Snow Sweet Snow 3 event saw Dignitas clashing with Tricked. The Scandinavian brawl between the legendary Swedes and the Danish youngsters would determine the last Quarter-finalist of the event. Despite Tricked starting strong on Overpass it was ultimately the Swedes, led by "f0rest" and "friberg", to take home the series 2-0.

You can read more about the Bo3-series between the two teams right here:


16-12 Dignitas (Overpass) | f0rest 1.56 Rating / 112.4 ADR / 31-18 K-D

16-7 Dignitas (Nuke) | friberg 1.51 Rating / 103.9 ADR / 18-14 K-D

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