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smooya after benching: It’s f**ked up to search for an AWPer mid-event

The controversial AWPer lashes out on Fnatic following his benching on the Swedish-British roster.

Owen “smooya” Butterfield’s competitive CS:GO career hasn’t been straightforward so far – not at all in fact. Throughout his six years in the game, the 22-year-old Brit has had great troubles finding a solid CS:GO home, often ending up changing roster multiple times during each season.

The circle seems to continue for smooya here in 2022. Because, yesterday it was announced that Fnatic had decided to bench the former BIG AWPer, just one month after having signed an alleged 2-year contract.

On the same night of the news surrounding his benching, smooya went on his Twitch channel to stream. Here, the Brit offered some interesting insight into the matter, where he also criticised Fnatic for trying to find a new AWPer during IEM Katowice.  

- All I’m going to say is; It’s f**ked up to search for an AWPer mid-event while I’m still playing. And that I found out from someone else than Fnatic, that’s f**ked up. It’s kind of hard to play an event, knowing that your team is searching for AWPers, while I’m preparing for G2 the next day. That’s f**ked up, smooya said.

You can watch two clips from smooya’s stream, where he elaborates his thoughts, in the videos below.

Fnatic revealed that smooya’s replacement, for now, will be the 19-year-old Iulian “regali” Harjău from their academy roster.

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