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sdy: We are still playing shaky, a lot of mistakes that shouldn't happen at all

Rumors believes that sdy could be cut by NAVI doing the start of 2023.

S1mple and co. have been known for competing for every trophy they got their eyes on. But in recent months, the team hasn't been performing at its top level. After some bad results at the IEM Rio Major, and a lack of firepower at ESL Pro League season 16, a few rumors are now circulating around the NAVI roster. This got the super team to rethink their current roster, leading to a six-man roster going into the BLAST World Finals, with Andrii "nipl" Kukharskyi coming in from the NAVI academy roster to play some maps doing the Worlds Final.

Viktor "sdy" Orudzhev is NAVI´s newest edition to the team, the rifle first played under the leadership from B1AD3 back at IEM Cologne, and since then has become a permanent part of the team. sdy is the main man when talking about roster changes, but in an interview with HLTV, he didn't seem to let the rumors prevent him from showing a great performance against the Brazillian team Fluxo who NAVI played and beat 2-0 yesterday doing the BLAST Fall Final.

What has been said to you about bringing nipl in, has it been said that you are fighting for your place?

- For now basically he is just watching how we play, he is learning by spectating, but in the near future he will play some maps, sdy told HLTV doing an Interview.

Watch the full interview with HLTV right here:

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