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Sad cadiaN after beating Liquid: My Pick’Ems are shattered

Sometimes you have to sacrifice what you want for something more important.

One would think that it was an extremely happy and delighted Casper “cadiaN” Møller, who met James Banks for a post-match interview following Heroic’s 2-1 victory over Liquid this Sunday, as the Danes secured themselves a spot in the playoffs at Paris Major.

However, that wasn't quite the case.

Because by taking down the North Americans from Liquid, cadiaN actually ruined his 3-0 selection in his own Pick’Em challenge after having picked EliGE and company to go through 3-0 in the Legends Stage, cadiaN revealed to James Banks after the match.

- If I have to be completely honest, I’m also a little bit sad. My Pick’ems are shattered, you know. I had Liquid to go 3-0, and this is not looking good boys.

James Banks, BLAST interviewer: “You could have let Liquid win for your Pick’ems", he said with a smile.

- Yeah, not worth it, cadiaN quickly responded.

2022 Heroic vs Heroic now

In a more serious matter, cadiaN also touched on the differences and improvements on the Heroic squad compared to last year’s Major in Rio de Janeiro, where they lost to Outsiders in the Grand Final.

- I feel like we have a bit more experience and clutch factor within the team. I think you can definitely feel the finals and deep runs that we have made… like the number of times I’m impressed when we are in a bad situation and someone adjusts and makes the right decision in the clutch and stuff like this, is honestly really inspiring to see as a leader.

- Because that means that all the effortless hours and all of the tough love I’m giving them… because I am giving them a lot. Obviously, people see the huddle and stuff. And that’s good. But it’s a mix, because I’m also super tough in training - and to see it pay off like that is and see them play such amazing CS is just the best feeling.

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