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s1mple: We need to prove ourselves with better results

Although number one in the official HLTV rankings, "s1mple" still feels that NaVi needs to prove themselves

The current CS:GO climate is more competitive now than ever before and whilst it seems as if there is no one team who simply can not be beaten, it is pretty obvious that FaZe is the team to beat at this moment in time.

Despite FaZe being, by many, considered the strongest roster at this current moment of time, Natus Vincere still ranks as the number one team in the world according to the HLTV rankings. Addressing the rankings jokingly on Twitter, "s1mple" seems to agree that the number one spot for NaVi is perhaps misplaced at this current moment of time.

In an interview with HLTV, perhaps the greatest CS:GO player of all time "s1mple" was asked about the current rankings and how he viewed NaVi's current position:

"I already made a joke that FaZe can not lose a Bo1, because then they will be number four. I understand their feeling, beacuse we had the same situation with them i think or with Gambit when we basically won a lot of main tournaments and became second. Our team just need to prove it with results. Only after we get better results, win better tournaments, we'll fell like number one."

To hear more from the GOAT of CS:GO you can watch the lengthy interview HLTV did with the Ukrainian superstar down below:

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