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s1mple: "I just decided that i needed to be more focused"

"s1mple" speaks on his own incredible performance against ENCE

Natus Vincere have just claimed their rightful place in the Grand Final of the PGL Major 2022 in Antwerp after a confident victory against ENCE. Performing to an astounding level was, of course, Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev. He managed to collect an impressive rating of 1.76 throughout the Bo3-series that ended in just two maps.

As we know him to be, "s1mple" is a humble man that always strives to be the absolute best he can be. When asked about the difference in performances from his game against Heroic to this one, he acknowledged that he needed to be more focused than he was when playing against Heroic:

"I just decided that I needed to be more focused and everything would be calm. Because yesterday it didn't come from my side, I was just doing my role. Today I did the same, but it was a bit different."

Everything was indeed calm as the Ukrainian superstar proved against ENCE why he is considered by many to be the best player in the history of Counter-Strike.

The victory against ENCE means a spot in the Grand Final for Natus Vincere who are set to take on FaZe in brawl for the history books tomorrow!

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