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s1mple has one prayer before the clash against FURIA

The NAVI superstar has a message for the Brazilian fans prior to their matchup against FURIA on Friday.

There’s a massive task ahead of Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev and the rest of NAVI at IEM Rio Major.

In the quarterfinal stage, the CIS titans are set to square off against the home favourites from FURIA in a packed Jeunesse Arena in Rio de Janeiro, where the entire crowd without a doubt will root heavily against them.

Something, s1mple touched on yesterday in an interview with ESL and on Twitter.

- (...) I feel like we are the favorites [to win the Major].

- Basically, we just needed some time to step up and understand that we had a really good chance of qualifying because we couldn’t play against Liquid and Vitality. We need to fix some mistakes from today’s game, especially on Dust2 where we did so many mistakes. It looks like we’re going to play against FURIA in the next round – Hopefully the crowd not going to eat us.

“Please don’t boo us”

Full interview with ESL:

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