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s1mple: fans were spitting at my teammate

In a tweet, s1mple said his goodbye to the Rio Major and thanked the majority of the Brazilian fans.

Everything was lined up for NAVI to win their second Major in the long history of the Organization. With all of the other tournament favorites out of IEM Rio, NAVI stood tall as the big favorite for the title.

But against FURIA the well-oiled NAVI machine lost power best illustrated by the very rare sight of Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev being at the bottom of the scoreboard.

In a tweet, s1mple tried to explain the exit, and then went on to thank the Brazilian crowd for their commitment. But unfortunately, some of the audience had taken things too far.

- "Great experience with fans as well, expect for spitting at our teammate after the first map, thank you for having us! GG"

Several of the most influential Brazilian players and coaches tweeted an apology back to s1mple leading the Ukrainian to reply back.

- "Don’t worry bro, don’t need to apologize, sometimes fans are over crazy, only good experience from your country and this tournament."

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