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Promising Swede on great form: I think I'm finally able to show everyone my true "me" as a player

Dignitas'HEAP looks to be a new shooting star on the Swedish CS:GO scene.

The Swedish team from Dignitas is after a tough 2020 season beginning to show their true colours, as they now look like an established Top 30 team. The renowned organization seem to have found the right mix, concerning the roster and the roles within the team.

A huge reason for the reformation must be the signing of the profiled rifler Jonas “Lekr0” Olofsson, but also the revelation of the young and talented Ludvig "HEAP" Alonso. The 21-year old Swede has alongside Lekr0 played some thrilling Counter-Strike lately, which most recently resulted in an upset victory against the North American super team in Liquid.

HEAP has throughout the last month averaged a strong 1.10 Rating / 76.3 ADR / 68.3% Headshot Percentage. Something, he believes owes to the fact that he feels more confident and comfortable on the roster. In an interview with Dignitas, the promising rifler reflects on his first 6-month on the team, and how he has developed so far.

- I am way more confident in my own plays, I can now do plays I want to do myself. Before I was way more passive and just adapting to everyone else. Nowadays, I feel way more confident in doing my own thing, I ask to do plays that allow me to progress in the round. Overall, I'm feeling way better!

I think I'm finally able to show everyone my true "me" as a player compared to earlier when I joined the team. We're practising every day against the best players in the world, meaning that I literally have to grow as a player to be able to keep up with the level of CS practised.

You can read the entire interview with HEAP right here:


HEAP ACE vs Sinners

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