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Credit: Helena Kristiansson ESL

Pley of the Day: shox is smarter than you think!

Watch the Frenchman win a tough 1v2 situation with a little help from his nade.

On Sunday, s1mple and company from NAVI claimed the ESL Pro League Season 14 title after defeating Team Vitality in the grand final of the event, while also closing out another season of the Intel Grand Slam. The Russian-Ukrainian side secured the $1 million cheque and have become the third squad in CS:GO to be awarded Intel’s gold bars.

Despite losing the grand final, Vitality’s Richard “shox” Papillion has found his way to our #POTD, presenting his impressive 1v2 post-plant clutch against NAVI. The Frenchman was stuck behind ‘new box’ on the B-site of Inferno, when he decided to pull out his nade and throw it right in front of himself to use the smoke of the nade to hide his peek and kill the two enemies remaining.

Watch shox’s clutch right here:

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