Pley of the Day: S1mple with a nuts 4K

The world's best is the man behind our #POTD!

Natus Vincere took upon forZe in their opening match at EPL S17. During the first map of the series, s1mple took things into his own hands as he singlehandedly destroyed forZe with four kills.

Tied at 4-4 on the first map, s1mple looked to make a play on the A site of Overpass. With four players for forZe coming his way, the devil himself turned into god mode. With the big green, s1mple managed to take down all four players for forZe to secure his team the ninth round.

Watch s1mple dominate forZe with VAC wallbangs:

Despite Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyljev playing well as usual, forZe was the team to come out on top in the series.

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