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Pley of the Day: Perfecto’s 1v4 clutch against NAVI in EPL!

NAVI’s Perfecto delivers a 1v4 clutch to secure the round for his team.

On the 22th of March 2023, NAVI faced off against Outsiders in the ESL Pro League Season 17 Playoffs Round 2. The match started off intensely on Ancient, but on Mirage, NAVI comfortably cruised to victory.

With NAVI leading 11-6 on the T side, Perfecto found himself in an open position on the A-bombsite. The odds were against him, as he was the last man standing, facing four enemies. But Perfecto didn’t give up, he took down the first enemy with a headshot and quickly followed up with another headshot kill.

The remaining two Outsiders players were on their way, rotating to A, but Perfecto stayed calm and collected even though the time was ticking. With both enemies close to Connector, Perfecto killed the first one, and had to quickly recover the bomb to plant it on the site with only 10 seconds left on the clock. He managed to do so, and promptly caught the last man from Outsiders off guard, as he jumped on the box of default right after.

Enjoy his 1v4 Clutch right here:

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