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Pley of the Day: dexter destroy SAW with insane ace

dexter has made it to our #POTD!

During the ESL Pro League S17, MOUZ took upon SAW in their opening match at the event. Starting the series off on Vertigo MOUZ dominated the Portuguese team on the CT side. Despite all the great plays made by the young and talented roster, it was their IGL Christopher "dexter" Nong who took the headlines in the newspaper.

Up 10-3 on the favored CT side dexter took the Deagle to another level. Peaking alone against five looked like a suicide mission but ended up being a heroic play by the Australian veteran. dexter took down five players of SAW with just the Deagle in his hand.

What dexter use the deagle to perfection:

Read more about the match in the article below:

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