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Patsi hits out at degster after problems in Spirit: He didn’t even say goodbye to us

A new side of the story surrounding degster and his departure from the Russian side has emerged.

In June this year, OG announced the departure of their star AWPer Abdul “degster” Gasanov due to “personal reasons”. Following the exit, degster has commented on the reasons why on several occasions, pointing towards a different view of how to play the game.

Now the other side of the story has decided to spill the beans with Spirit’s Robert "Patsi" Isyanov accusing degster of lying and being a tough individual to work with, in an interview with

- Abdul wanted to fulfil his "I want." There were problems with it all the time. Like, we play the game and ask him to do something the team needed, and we lose. The next day there is a team talk: "Guys, let's play for me, we won't win like that." It was very strange. It certainly did not help our work and did not speed up the process of team development.

- I wouldn't say anything about him if he had not started saying untrue things in interviews. If you read them, then there were always very strange statements about us, like: “The old team did not give me the freedom that I want. And in the new team, I do everything I can.” But you watch the games and see that he does the same things, Patsi has stated to

A quick farewell

According to Patsi, degster didn’t say goodbye to the team and “just left the chat and that's it.”

- He said that the team didn't work as hard as he did, but he was the first to leave the practice during the Major. It was another very strange moment. We would have kept this between ourselves if it weren't for so many interviews from him. There were at least five of them where he told a lie, an outright lie.

- Maybe it's wrong to do that in public, but I can't leave it like that. Everyone will think that he is very cool, and we are the bad guys, Patsi has stated to

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