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OG upset NAVI at BLAST

OG surprise everyone as they take down the CIS giants of NAVI!

Natus Vincere and OG met each other in their first match of the BLAST Premier Spring Final. The battle of the stand-ins, 'sdy' for NAVI and 'degster' for OG, went the way of OG after three hard-fought maps.

OG got off to a great start on their own map pick of Inferno as they managed to play an admirable T side where they picked up seven rounds. The second half was an entirely different story. In a very CT-sided meta, NAVI managed to take every single round on their T side, denying OG their own map.

After the beating on Inferno, OG stood right back up and played a great CT side on the second map of Mirage. Led by 'NEOFRAG' and 'flameZ', the European squad managed to take eleven rounds before halftime, most of them coming in a dominant nine-round streak.
OG quickly found themselves ten rounds up at 14-4, but with nothing to lose, NAVI started mounting a comeback. Eight rounds in a row had them dangerously close to OG, but "nexa" and co. managed to put a stop to it and secure a third map.

In spite of a slow start to the final map of Ancient, OG managed to deliver a decent CT half. Once again, 'NEOFRAG' was to be found at the top of the scoreboard, and he and the boys of OG could go to a break with nine rounds.
The second half was an extremely close affair, but after 29 rounds OG had done what seemed extremely unlikely and beaten NAVI.

NAVI - OG 1-2 | BLAST Premier Spring Finals - Lisbon

16-7 (Inferno) | b1t - 1.54 Rating / 22-17 K-D / 103.8 ADR

12-16 (Mirage) | flameZ - 1.26 Rating / 21-18 K-D / 82.5 ADR

13-16 (Ancient) | NEOFRAG - 1.42 Rating / 27-18 K-D / 102.8 ADR

MVP: Adam "NEOFRAG" Zouhar - 1.13 Rating / 60-52 K-D / 78.1 ADR

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