OG secured themself a victory against Heroic

OG steals away the win against the world's number 1.

The winners from BLAST Fall Finals in Copenhagen Heroic took on OG in the first round of the Worlds Final in Abu Dhabi.

Starting off with the VETO, OG picked Inferno which seemed like a good idea going forward with the first map. A well-played T side got the underdogs from OG seven rounds. Switching over to the CT side, OG gamble stacked the right side and got the second pistol round of the game. Heroic bounced back and turned an ECO force into a round win. However, OG did the same and instantly pushed themself in front with a 14-9 lead. OG secured the first map 16-11.

The second map of the series was Mirage, a map that Heroic has looked convincing on throughout 2022. Starting out on the T side were the Danes. With insane plays and great entries, k0fig lead the way for Heroic as they took the first half 11-4. On the CT side, heroic found themself closing out the game 16-9.

The new map Anubis came in as the decider. A map that both teams haven't played in an official match. Starting off great on the T side was cadiaN and co. who found themself a 5-1 lead. OG when turned up the defense ended the half with seven rounds. The second half of the game ended 7-8 in favor of OG who managed to make the comeback, despite being down 15-10. 15-15 and OG saw themself winning the game in overtime 19-22.

OG – Heroic 2-1| BLAST Premier World Finals

11-16 (Inferno) | nexa – 1.26 Rating / 22-15 K-D / 78.1 ADR

16-9 (Mirage) | k0nfig – 1.71 Rating / 30-16 K-D / 102.4 ADR

19-22 (Anubis) | degster – 1.56 Rating / 40-19 K-D / 84.6 ADR

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