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NIP moves on to semi-final, GODSENT eliminated

The Ninjas were too much for the young Brazilian squad.

The first quarter-final of the day featured the Swedish/Danish mix of Ninjas in Pyjamas and the Brazilian GODSENT. In a thrilling three-mapper, it was NIP to come out ahead, but it was not without heavy resistance from an exciting GODSENT that keeps surprising everyone.

GODSENT were awarded the first pick of the match with which they unsurprisingly chose Nuke, their most played map.
The Brazilians started out well on the T-side, winning the pistol round and safely converting the anti-eco. Now the guns came out for the Ninjas, and the rest of the half they were dominating. With aggression in the yard from “device” and “hampus”, they were able to deny enormous amounts of map control from the Brazilians, while “es3tag” was ready to take off whatever heads came past his crosshair in the lobby. Nothing was yet lost for GODSENT, but they did go to halftime with a deficit of 11-4.
The second half looked a lot better for the “TACO”-led squad, as they were able to come back to a point where they were only down two rounds at 12-10. Unfortunately for them, this was where the fun stopped as NIP were able to take four in a row and win the map 16-10.

Now only needing to win one more map, NIP were taking their opponents to do battle on Overpass.
With elimination on the line, GODSENT came out flying on the CT-side. After picking up the first seven rounds of the half the Brazilians conceded their first two rounds. GODSENT, needing to take advantage of the notoriously weak T-side of NIP, did everything possible to put themselves in a good position before the break, by securing 12 of the first 15 rounds.
Now on the CT-side, NIP looked completely refreshed. They snagged away the first five rounds, only allowing GODSENT to plant the bomb once in that time. The streak of rounds by the Ninjas was not enough to deter the Brazilians, who went on a small four-round streak themselves, which was enough for them to close out the game at 16-8.

The decider of the series was to be Ancient, starting with the Ninjas on the CT-side while GODSENT took the role of the terrorists.
The opening of the map was extremely brawly. GODSENT looked like they were in a good position in several rounds early on but ended up taking heavy casualties or even losing the round versus very light buys from the side of NIP. Off the back of these rounds, NIP were able to build a solid economy, enabling better buys which played a huge factor in them going to halftime with a 10-5 lead.
NIP capitalized on their momentum from the first half, taking the first three rounds of the second half. The Brazilians answered back with three of their own but being down by eight rounds it was too little too late. The Swedish/Danish Ninjas took the win 16-8.

This result sees NIP advance into the semi-final where they will face G2, while GODSENT are eliminated in 5th-6th place.

Highlight of the BO3-series:

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NIP – GODSENT (2-1) | IEM Winter 2021 

16-10 (Nuke) |

hampus – 1.58 Rating / 27-16 K-D / 103.3 ADR

8-16 (Overpass) |

  felps – 1.56 Rating / 23-15 K-D / 104.1 ADR

16-8 (Ancient) |

device – 1.49 Rating / 26-17 K-D / 106.2 ADR

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