Joachim Haraldsen, Heroic


New owners of Heroic sack Haraldsen as CEO

The Heroic board has also been dissolved and replaced by new members.

Earlier this year Heroic was acquired by Krow Bidco AS after a time of economic turmoil. The takeover is now completed. At an extraordinary general meeting, the new owners of Heroic announced the resignation of board members Henrik August Christensen, Christian Philip Waldrop Opsahl, Kristin Skau Åbyholm, and Alexander Åbyholm, who were replaced by two of Krow Bidco's associates in Michalis Neokleous and Memnia Papadoupoulou.

Ten days after the meeting on the 1st of August, the new board members announced the termination of the employment of Joachim Haraldsen. Haraldsen was the founder and CEO of Omaken Sports, who bought Heroic back in 2021.

Memnia Papadoupoulou has been hired to replace Haraldsen as new/interim CEO following his termination. Papadoupoulou will also act as the board's chairperson. Both Michalis Neokleous and Memnia Papadopoulou have worked as lawyers in Cyprus according to their LinkedIn profiles.

Not much is known about Krow Bidco AS other than what Heroic disclosed when the first news about the upcoming takeover broke out.

- Krow Bidco AS is a Norwegian private limited liability company that is “ultimately fully owned by a regulated EU investment fund", Heroic stated.

Krow Bidco AS is owned by the Norwegian Law Firm Wikborg Rein, but has a postal address in Cyprus.

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